A Lesson in a Wasted Day

Can you imagine a world without procrastination? It’s impossible, and it would be incredibly boring. We’re humans not machines.

I suppose procrastination is loosely defined here. Taking time to relax isn’t procrastination, neither is taking the occasional break during work. What I mean by procrastination is when I could be busy writing my senior paper but I decide to watch 5 hours of Netflix.

This type of procrastination is the worst. Everyone’s faced it. The worst part is that you know you could be doing something better, and it makes whatever break your taking worse. I’m sure I would have enjoyed the tv show more if I wasn’t stressing about getting stuff done.

What’s worse than that, though, is that I’ve been here before. It’s not the first time I’ve thrown what could have been a productive day right away, and it won’t be the last. It’s interesting that I get the best feeling after a productive day. It makes me feel useful, like I actually made a contribution.

A wasted day always comes back to bite, even if only with that tinge of regret. Today I’m going to work on my senior project paper a bit. But only after I watch an episode of this show. Just one…


College Essay Statistics

I was in a discussion about the fairly ridiculous amount of writing I had to do for my college admissions process and decided it would be intriguing to see how much I really wrote. I’ve collected some statistics on the type of essays I wrote, as well as the word counts of the essays. I’m going to keep this post short. I’ll show the important statistics and some visuals I created. If you’re interested in the full details, here’s all the stats.

Essays: 35

6 (50-word max)

6 (100-word max)

4 (200-word max)

7 (250-word max)

1 (400-word max)

4 (500-word max)

7 (no word limit)

Total Word count: 8486 words

That’s 35 pages in MLA Format (Times, 12 font, double spaced) – Longer than any research paper I’ve written. Slightly scary, slightly fascinating. At least I have plenty of material for scholarship essays. Ultimately, although I can complain about the sheer amount of writing here, I’ll be forced to write all my life. This may seem like a lot, but I’m sure it won’t be anything compared to what I’ll have to write in college. 

On another note, I found it interesting how the colleges compared. I had to write the most for Penn State, this can be somewhat explained because I applied to the honors college. I was already accepted into Purdue, which came in 3rd for the most writing. Interestingly, the top schools mostly had a ton of writing because they asked many varied questions. MIT, Stanford, and Caltech, all had many short questions. I preferred this method, those short essays were easier to pack a punch.






Current Work – Senior Project

Every student at my high school has to complete a senior project. Usually senior projects are related to something you enjoy doing, or something that relates to a future career. I’ve decided to center my senior project around the CAD work seen in my portfolio.

My project is going to consist of two main pieces. The first piece is going to be a 3D printed replica of my watch. It’s just going to be a surface model, I’m not designing it with the intention of it actually working. The second piece is going to be another replica, but more detailed. It won’t be 3D printed. I plan (more of a hope right now) to accurately create a watch movement, then animate and texture it.


Semi-useless picture caption here, this is sorta what I’m planning on making.

The animation is going to consist of the actual watch showing the passage of time, as well as an explosion view. The explosion view is an animation where the part expands and shows all the small little pieces. Check out the “BJ Cicada Engine” on my portfolio for an example of this animation. I’ll update the blog with some more pictures of the work I do on this project, as it will be ongoing throughout the year.


A Naive Start

The Socratic Paradox is the name for a phrase that Socrates was said to have believed. It is, “I know that I know nothing.” Or something along those lines. Last year, I took four AP courses, and this year I’m working on five. It would be an understatement to say I learned a lot throughout high school. Despite this, I’ve never felt more ignorant than I do now. I suppose that this is a good thing, it has the potential to push me towards my goals. Although, sometimes I think it brings me down. Sometimes it feels like what I learn is small compared with what there is to learn.

Well I wanted to do something to change this. I can’t learn everything, there’s always going to be a vast wealth of knowledge that I won’t touch. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I start to understand what I already know, I can shake that feeling of being lost. So, I decided maybe I’d write a little. Maybe I’d sit down and put some of my thoughts down. Maybe someone here or there would read it. I’m not sure what makes a good blog post. Most of the time I’m going to write about what I’m doing; stuff like CAD projects or interesting classes. Once and awhile I’ll write about more philosophical stuff, random topics that intrigue me. In a way that’s what this entry is.

I’m not a writer by any means. English has always been my worst class. I’ve always been better at factoring equations and finding derivatives. I write in a journal; it helps get my thoughts down, but it’s unrefined and sloppy. I hope to change that in this blog, and in turn get better at writing. I want to create posts that are specific and polished. Something along the lines of a great article, but a little more personal. I’m still going to feel naive and foolish as I continue to learn, that feeling won’t leave me. But, through writing, I believe I can gain a little more perspective.