Hi, my name’s Jashan. I was born in India but grew up on Cape Cod. I’m currently attending the University of Colorado Boulder for aerospace engineering. I’m also pursuing minors in space and astrophysics.

Engineering is what I feel like I was meant to do, designing, testing, and tinkering. It’s a challenging but fulfilling experience. Aerospace, however, is pretty specific. Well, if you’ve seen a rocket launch before, there’s nothing quite like it. Thousands of hours of engineering go into each launch, but those launches make it all worth it. One day I hope to make a contribution to this incredible process. Rockets are cool, but my true motivation towards aerospace is to contribute to our understanding of our vast universe.

This website contains some of the projects and hobbies I’ve worked on throughout high school and college. For more of a resume, you can check out my LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jashanchopra/