Hi, my name’s Jashan. I was born in India but grew up on Cape Cod. I now live in Colorado, where I work at Ball Aerospace, writing lots of fun software.

Curiosity has been the most important character trait throughout my life so far. It guides my interests, passions, and concerns. I work in aerospace because I love the chase. A chase for constant innovation and discovery, it’s a challenging but fulfilling experience. My current passions lie somewhere at the intersection of software development, architecting complex systems, automation, and starting but not finishing hobby projects.

This website serves as a portfolio of sorts. You’ll find some of the engineering projects I’ve worked on, papers that I’ve written, or pieces I’ve developed with additive manufacturing. Some of my hobbies are presented here as well: photographs I’ve taken, small stories or blog posts I’ve written, and some recipes I’ve developed. Thanks for stopping by.

For more of a resume, you can check out my LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jashanchopra/