The goal of this project was to design two versions of my watch using computer aided design software. The first portion was a physical 3D print of my watch, the AVI-8 4024. The second portion was a more detailed replica of the watch, and this was entirely in the CAD software. The paper was about how problem solving and creativity should play a larger role in education. There was be a sub-focus on how “makerspaces” can help expand this. This project was a culmination of the skills I’ve learned through my drafting communications classes.  It also expanded my knowledge in project management, design, research, etc.





The process took me roughly 35 hours in just working on the piece. The research for the paper, writing of the paper, working on the poster, meeting with mentors, and etc could push this number up to around 50+ hours.

I started by working on the 3D print. I began to take rough measurements of my actual watch using a vernier caliper, and the body began to take shape. I slowly added more details, working on the knobs and the actual watch hands. The bands came next; I shaped them based on the physical bands. I used small pins to connect these pieces together and to allow them to move. Unfortunately because of the flimsy plastic material of the 3D printer, and due to how small the pins were, they broke apart and the final print did not work. A better redesign would use metal pins.

After the 3D print, I began to work on the more detailed CAD version. I imported the same design I used for the 3D print and began to texture it. I created a watch movement based off some designs I found online for a different variant of watch. The movement wasn’t completed in its entirely, it was more just for show. I then created an animated video of the watch using the explode feature that Creo Parametric offers.

The final project came out nicely, despite a few shortcomings I am more than happy with my results. I’ve attached a few links to various work I’ve completed during the year. Most of these items are required through my senior seminar class.

Project Proposal JashanChopra


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