A Lesson in a Wasted Day

Can you imagine a world without procrastination? It’s impossible, and it would be incredibly boring. We’re humans not machines.

I suppose procrastination is loosely defined here. Taking time to relax isn’t procrastination, neither is taking the occasional break during work. What I mean by procrastination is when I could be busy writing my senior paper but I decide to watch 5 hours of Netflix.

This type of procrastination is the worst. Everyone’s faced it. The worst part is that you know you could be doing something better, and it makes whatever break your taking worse. I’m sure I would have enjoyed the tv show more if I wasn’t stressing about getting stuff done.

What’s worse than that, though, is that I’ve been here before. It’s not the first time I’ve thrown what could have been a productive day right away, and it won’t be the last. It’s interesting that I get the best feeling after a productive day. It makes me feel useful, like I actually made a contribution.

A wasted day always comes back to bite, even if only with that tinge of regret. Today I’m going to work on my senior project paper a bit. But only after I watch an episode of this show. Just one…


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