College Essay Statistics

I was in a discussion about the fairly ridiculous amount of writing I had to do for my college admissions process and decided it would be intriguing to see how much I really wrote. I’ve collected some statistics on the type of essays I wrote, as well as the word counts of the essays. I’m going to keep this post short. I’ll show the important statistics and some visuals I created. If you’re interested in the full details, here’s all the stats.

Essays: 35

6 (50-word max)

6 (100-word max)

4 (200-word max)

7 (250-word max)

1 (400-word max)

4 (500-word max)

7 (no word limit)

Total Word count: 8486 words

That’s 35 pages in MLA Format (Times, 12 font, double spaced) – Longer than any research paper I’ve written. Slightly scary, slightly fascinating. At least I have plenty of material for scholarship essays. Ultimately, although I can complain about the sheer amount of writing here, I’ll be forced to write all my life. This may seem like a lot, but I’m sure it won’t be anything compared to what I’ll have to write in college. 

On another note, I found it interesting how the colleges compared. I had to write the most for Penn State, this can be somewhat explained because I applied to the honors college. I was already accepted into Purdue, which came in 3rd for the most writing. Interestingly, the top schools mostly had a ton of writing because they asked many varied questions. MIT, Stanford, and Caltech, all had many short questions. I preferred this method, those short essays were easier to pack a punch.






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