Current Work – Senior Project

Every student at my high school has to complete a senior project. Usually senior projects are related to something you enjoy doing, or something that relates to a future career. I’ve decided to center my senior project around the CAD work seen in my portfolio.

My project is going to consist of two main pieces. The first piece is going to be a 3D printed replica of my watch. It’s just going to be a surface model, I’m not designing it with the intention of it actually working. The second piece is going to be another replica, but more detailed. It won’t be 3D printed. I plan (more of a hope right now) to accurately create a watch movement, then animate and texture it.


Semi-useless picture caption here, this is sorta what I’m planning on making.

The animation is going to consist of the actual watch showing the passage of time, as well as an explosion view. The explosion view is an animation where the part expands and shows all the small little pieces. Check out the “BJ Cicada Engine” on my portfolio for an example of this animation. I’ll update the blog with some more pictures of the work I do on this project, as it will be ongoing throughout the year.


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